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The Dog that is Trapped or

Dogs can become trapped in many ways. Dogs found in old sheds are very common


This pet has wandered or fell into a situation where he has become trapped and cannot get out. The most common of these is the pet that wanders into the neighbor's garage or shed while the door is open and then becomes trapped when the unknowing neighbor closes the door. Dogs are known to become trapped in sheds, storm drains, outhouses, abandoned buildings and even a discarded kitchen cabinet. We had one long haired spaniel that became trapped in a briar bush two blocks from home. She stayed there in the bush for five days until she was found. She did not bark... many dogs will not howl or bark.

This possibility should always be looked into when a pet that normally has outdoor access does not return as usual and there is a nuisance danger that could encourage this situation. Also when a dog goes missing with a leash or tether on.


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