Gone... Without a Trace
About sixty per cent of the time when the phone rings in my office, it is from an anxious pet owner whose dog has went missing and there are no leads or sightings. They have searched the streets, checked the parks, asked the neighbors and no one has seen anything.

Depending on the situation environmentally and your dogs typical behaviour patterns, the following scenarios are consistent with a dog that goes missing... without a trace.

When a dog will allow a stranger to approach.

When the dog is aloof with strangers

When the escape environment is near an open space, wooded area, greenbelt, railroad tracks, waterway.

When the dog is curious or there is a hazardous and attractive nuisance nearby.

If someone does not like the dog, is holding a grudge or stray dog is picked up by city officials

When a dog likes to ride in cars or vehicles.

When a dog is ill or in pain or on new medication before going missing.

When a dog meets with an accident or injury.