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Sadie... Tiny Dachshund on the Roam for Six Days.

When pursuing your recovery efforts for a STARS dog, please remember to stay focused, realistic and follow your plan.

Above all be mindful you do not run off on a tangent and pursue unlikely situations or possibilities.

Below is a real case, investigated and closed by P.I. Karin TarQwyn of Lost Pet Professionals. 

Private Investigator Karin TarQwyn

The Initial Call from the Family       
TarQwyn: When the pet owner called me she told me the following:

Pet Owner: "My tiny dachshund disappeared. I don't have any sightings but she loves food so he probably ran down to the McDonald's on the corner and when she got there someone picked her up in a car because she is gorgeous. She has been missing 3 days and no one has seen her".

TarQwyn: I asked if there had been any sightings:

Pet owner: "No I really don't think so. One man said he saw her the day after she went missing but that was almost a mile away and Sadie would not go that far. There is a busy street near there and she would never go near a street like that".

TarQwyn: I asked, "Did you follow up on that sighting?"

Pet Owner: "No, it was too far away and I think someone at McDonalds must have got her."

Upon Investigation: KarininPacifica.jpg

TarQwyn: During the review of this case it was clear that the pet owner had  preconceived ideas about what had happened to Sadie and what the little dog would and would not do. Initially, she was not open to other possibilities so when she received other information that did not match what she believed to be true, she discounted the information and did not pursue the leads. This is a classic example of developing the plot before the evidence comes in.

 Once I pointed out the following, the family was on board to do whatever it took to find the tiny dachshund.



  • The family agreed Sadie was a STARS (Shy or Timid or Aloof or Reserved or Skittish) Dog. 
  • They also remembered that Sadie would not allow friends and strangers to approach her even in her home. 
  • I explained that although Sadie may love food, when a dog first escapes she is not focused on food. She also remembered, Sadie had just ate dinner so she was not hungry at all.
  • Upon further investigation, it was discovered that Sadie had experienced a traumatic escape event. Fireworks went off next door and she bolted in fear. When dogs are in bolting behavior they run first and think later. A dog running from fireworks, gun shots or thunder can travel huge distances. A mile away after 16 hours being gone was not very far for a healthy, young dachshund.


What really happened to Sadie:

 Upon taking this case, we immediately put together an expansive community awareness campaign. Initially the pet owner thought we were going out too far but she humored us and did as we asked.

Our strategy spanned five miles in each direction. I used the river that was just east of Sadie's point of escape as a boundary and probable travel route. In addition, we did a custom phone alert with Lost My Doggie alerting the local residents in the rural, wooded area that the tiny dachshund maybe wandering near their home.

In addition, I had the pet owner take a Photo Identification Lineup Card to the witness who thought he had seen Sadie the day after she went missing. He did pick Sadie out of the lineup. It is most likely that he did in fact see her as the dachshund's eventual direction of travel was in the direction of the man's house. 

On day six, the call came in from a man who lived along the river... five miles away. He said, he saw a tiny dachshund run into the woods near where the river forked. Sadie's whole family loaded up and went to the fork of the river. They each began to walk in the woods, quietly calling out Sadie's pet names. Within thirty minutes, the pet owner turned around to find Sadie following her. It took another 10 minutes for her to come to her family but she was recovered and a reunion was celebrated.

NOTE: It is likely Sadie would have traveled further up the river had she hit the fork in the river which caused her to have to travel inland as she could not get around the fork. Her family was surprised she had made it five miles away and that she had crossed several busy streets during her journey. It is highly likely that she would have traveled much further had it not been for the topography and fork in the river.