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Case Study: Lola



The majority of citizen recoveries are SAMARITAN RESCUES with the rescuer's intent being to find the animal's rightful owner. Many times the Good Samaritan is rescuing the dog from the street so it does not get hit by a car.  It is important to remember that the dog must allow a stranger to approach for a Samaritan to help. This is the most common situation and what we all hope for when a dog goes missing.

Unfortunately, if the dog does not have on identification in the form of an easy to use phone number, the extent that individuals will go to find a dog's owner varies depending on the individual's ethics, background and task management skills. Dogs with only a vet or rabies tag are not in a much better situation than a dog without ID as many people will not take the time to do the research to find the owner. When children find a dog, they may call the phone number on a tag or collar but they will not call the "dog pound" or a vet's office from the tags.

Recovery efforts and campaign should be started as soon as possible. Samaritan Rescues can turn to Finder's Keepers or Rescuer Rehome depending on the dog, the rescuer's situation and the length of time the rescuer has the dog in possession.