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Roaming Dog Case Study... Lacy

Kacey...A Show Dog Goes on The Roam


Kacey exhibited the following behaviour profile and characteristics:
  • Kacey was new to the show circuit. This was to be one of the first times she was exhibited.
  • Since puppy-hood, Kacey tended towards shy and timid behaviour.
  • She resorts to running when afraid.
  • Kacey was from New York...unfamiliar with the area, she ran haphazardly near her point of escape for four hours or so but then left as night began to fall.
  • Kacey exhibited escape behavior prior to this escape event.

  • When the bystander moved quickly, Kacey became frightened and bolted. Adrenaline built on adrenaline until she could not calm herself enough to sort out what was happening. She panicked.
  • Kacey used the electrical easements, creeks, greenbelts and then the river to travel.
  • She was rarely seen by witnesses or citizens as she was traveling in places away from people and streets.
  • This dog traveled north to south repeatedly using the creek beds as her favored routes.
  • She  ultimately was caught by utilizing a magnet dog of her own breed and  of the opposite sex, conditioning and attraction techniques. It took over three hours for her to decide to allow a human to approach.

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