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Case Study: Willie & Miracle



In some circumstances, a SAMARITAN RESCUE can result in a FINDERS KEEPERS or RESCUER RE-HOME situation either by length of time the pet has been in the rescuer's possession or in some cases from the onset of the recovery.

The most likely dogs to experience this situation are those that do not have the pet owner's current phone number on a tag or their collar. Most people's natural and compulsive tendency is to call the number on the tag or collar.  It is when the pet has been with a rescuer for a period of time that the citizen may decide to keep the pet or re-home it on their own.

Small dogs, fluffy or white dogs, most of the bulldog breeds as well as any unique and impressive dogs are more likely than other breeds or crosses to experience FINDERS KEEPERS. Dogs that a citizen may assume have been abused or injured can also fall into this category as well as dogs that have fleas, are matted, dirty or appear to have been neglected.

Immediate action in the form of an effective awareness campaign utilizing multiple motivation techniques that will encourage the finder to return the dog, is crucial to this dog's recovery.