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Case Study: Priscilla



   Our sinking economy has increased the likelihood of this situation occurring.
When a dog is  RECOVERED FOR REWARD, the pet is generally retained with the individual's intent being to collect the reward.
 The most likely candidates are designer dogs such as the Yorkshire Terrier, the Pug, any of the bulldog breeds, poodle, pomeranian, chihuahua and other small pocket pups or dogs that the finder knows are cherished family members. In addition, dogs that the finder feels may be of monetary value to the pet owner like show dogs and hunting dogs can also end up in this situation.
This is not a common occurrence but it needs to considered as a possibility when circumstances such as breed desirability, perceived value or cherished family pet are in evidence. The pet owner should be aware: very cordial and non-threatening if she receives a phone call from someone asking about the reward. It is important to graciously and positively handle the call. Do not assume the police will get involved with this... likely they will not.  Generally law enforcement will see this as a stray dog that someone is deciding to keep... and that is a very gray area for most police departments. Frustrating?... yes... but our goal is to help get the dog back not make a political statement at the expense of the pet.

Fortunately, we generally recover these dogs  by following a plan while remaining calm, cool and collected regardless personal feelings. Aggressive behavior, accusations or threats of police involvement are not called for and does not work in this situation. Keeping the caller on the phone with an understanding demeanor is the most important or the pet owner will most likely never hear from the caller again.

I have never known any of these dogs to be harmed and the caller is not a thief but instead an opportunist. The police are generally reluctant to get involved in these cases. By following certain steps and keeping a cool head, most all of these dogs are recovered by their owners with professional coaching over the phone.

Above all, do not  panic, become angry, threatening or accusatory. Keep one goal in mind... the return of the dog... period.