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          Canine Profile for a Stolen dog... Which dogs might be stolen.




   Any pet can be the victim of theft. Some environmental situations and dog breeds are more likely than others to experience this situation.

  • • Outgoing, unique, cute, and exotic or dogs presumed to be expensive or valuable in some way,  are the most likely to be stolen.   
  • • Dogs that are kept in an area clearly visible from the public streets or public access areas are more at risk.
  • • Certain breeds appear to be stolen more frequently. The French Bulldog currently leads the list of stolen dogs followed closely by the English bulldog, Yorkshire Terrier, Poodle, Pug,  Pomeranian and the designer crosses. Sadly, cute and fluffy breeds seem to be stolen more often as their resale value can be greater.  
  • • In some areas the Pit Bull is also coveted and stolen frequently. The most common Pit to be stolen... the blue and white followed by the black and white. Males and females are equal in desirability but a spayed female is the least desirable to a thief.  
  • • Areas where there is an active drug trade are more likely to have stolen pet cases than other demographics but stolen dog cases are on the rise in all areas and demographics.
  • Least likely... dogs exhibiting STARS tendencies, xenophobic, and/or aggressive behavior are the least  likely to be stolen. 


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