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Possible Leads, Characteristics & Sightings for a Stolen Dog


 Below you will find the typical criteria and circumstance exhibited when a dog is stolen.

  •  No visible means for pet to have escaped on its own or explanation as to how the dog is now missing. Example: Dog is removed from its kennel and the security clip is found clipped to the fence.
  • There is evidence that would lead a prudent person to believe that the pet has been stolen.
  • Pet owner is aware of grievance harbored by another and is concerned they have the capacity to steal their pet.
  • Pet owner is concerned about someone's feeling of revenge for one reason or another.
  • Witness noticed suspicious activities or out of the ordinary behavior in the area pet was last seen. Example: Unfamiliar car parked in front of the pet owner's house with no explanation.
  • Other pet owners in the area have experienced a similar situation.
  • Theft or burglary has occurred at the location and other items are missing.
  • In the case of revenge: An obvious clue is left for the pet owner to see. Example: Dog's collar is removed and left in obvious sight. We have had collars left on front porches and clasped to the fence.
  • There are no sightings 
  •  Pet is of a breed that has high theft value.

Note: It is common for a stolen pet to end up stray within days or weeks of being stolen. Many times a pet is stolen in a spontaneous action and then the thief is unable to accommodate the animal so they turn the pet loose. That is why it is common for some of these pets to end up as a Roaming Dog at Large.

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