Canine Profile.. The Dog That Meets with an Accident


Any dog can fall victim to an accident but some environmental situations and personality traits are more likely to produce this outcome.
For example...

• If the point of escape or point last seen is near a busy street, highway, turnpike or freeway.

• The dog went missing in the early evening or when it was dark.

• Poisonous snakes are known to be in area of the escape.

• Dogs that readily approach small rodents and reptiles in play or aggression are more at risk.

• Dog is not a finicky eater.

• Mice, snails, scorpions are present and poisons are put out by neighbors or others to combat them.

• Chemical poisons, coolant, etc. are accessible and pet is not a finicky eater.

• The dog is shy and frightened and tends to bolt and run when frightened.

• Open well, sump holes, mines are known to be in the area and are not well fenced.

• Attractive nuisance area with dangerous elements in the area of point last seen.

NOTE: It is important to remember that some scenarios may present and look like others.

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