Yoshi a six pound Pomeranian goes missing in the woods during a storm...

Yoshi before he went missing.


Bruises left by the fox as it struggled to hold onto the long haired Pom.  Other Pomeranians have survived  predator attacks. It is likely their long fur makes it hard for a predator to hang onto the quick little dogs.

Bruises from a predator

Yoshi after a visit to the vet for his injured back and tick infestation.

Yoshi after a visit to the vet for his injured back and tick infestation.
The Dog that meets with a Predator
Case Study... Yoshi
Yoshi's story is unique in many ways. Above all it brings to light the realistic outcomes that can be experienced in this situation. As skilled Private Investigators, we are not wizards with wands just humans with compassion, skills and awesome K9 partners.

The storm that hit Springfield in spring of 2007 blew down trees, electrical lines and the gate to the Howell's back yard where two much loved canine family members were frightened and spooked into the woods.

The treasured pooches were discovered missing within hours and Shadow, the larger of the two canines, was found the next day. But the Howells knew their feisty six pound Pomeranian, Yoshi, was in a perilous situation. As they struggled to control their panic and grief, the Howells searched for methods and suggestions to help them find the cherished pup.

After days of coaching by phone, the Howells asked Karin to bring in the dog team. From the beginning it did not look good for the little dog. Cade sprang into action immediately following the little dogs scent trail straight into the woods. Upon entering the heavily wooded forests, the trail went to the river that was now running swiftly due to the recent storms. Dodger alerted with a decomp or blood alert. Something had been injured or killed along the trail and spirits sank. The dogs tracked Yoshi's scent until they lost the scent trail.

It appeared that Yoshi had met with a fox, (scat from a fox had been discovered along the trail the dogs were following), and most likely had not survived. But there was a chance that he was still alive as no physical evidence had been found. Also the river was higher than when Yoshi went missing and the tracking dogs could not cross to the other side. The decision was made to leave the posters up and keep Yoshi in the forefront of the public's awareness.

It was a crucial decision. Two days later a jogger called to say she thought she had seen a small fluffy dog under a bridge in the area where Cade and Dodger had tracked. Although the Howells were doubtful, Ken decided it was worth a look.

As he arrived at the bridge he noticed the water was much lower but he did not see a dog. He decided to wade into the river and approach the bridge from the riverside. As he waded up the river, a small puff of fur barked at him. He recognized his small friend and tried to approach but the injured dog backed up into an opening under the bridge and eluded capture. After some wrangling and corralling, Ken was able to get to Yoshi, grab him and hang on. He quickly gathered up the dog and headed to the vet.

The vet found that Yoshi had in fact been attacked by a predator and had injured his back. He was treated, shaved due to tick infestation and released. He was back being silly Yoshi within a month.

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