Boston terrier in Texas met with a coyote.

Boston terrier

An older golden retriever with hip dyplasia met with a pack of coyotes.

In certain situations, even large dogs can meet with a predator

White dogs are common predator targets.

The Dog that meets with a Predator
Case Study... Princess
This story although sad and graphic is the most probable outcome when a predator is involved.


The call came in as I was driving  through Dallas, Texas. Just 20 miles ahead, Dr. Jacobsen and his wife were missing their two year old Yorkshire terrier. I agreed to come right away as I was nearby.


Upon my arrival I noticed a large home surrounded by trees. The home was beautifully set amidst the heavily forested woods. There was no fence. The client notified me that they actually had their last sighting of their dog on a surveillance tape. She had scratched at the door to be let back in but in the chaos of bringing home their newborn twins, no one had heard Princess scratching at the back door.

Cade started the search and ran to the rear of the yard heading straight out into the woods. He stopped about a quarter mile from the physician's property. He alerted that this was the end of the scent trail. Next Twist took the trail, again starting from the point of escape and heading into the woods in a slightly different pattern than Cade but ended at the same place. She too had found the scent ended in the middle of the woods. Next up was Dodger, our little professor and microscope. Our cadaver specialist, Dodger found tiny bits of  fur on the forest floor and in the bushes. The small pieces of fur were almost impossible to see but Dodger is an expert. A few feet down the trail, Dodger alerted on blood. This was the point of impact. Princess had met with a coyote and had been carried away. Cade and Twist had followed the trail as the predator carried her away. They followed her scent trail until there was nothing left to follow and the small dog had been consumed.

The pet owner then told us that they could see on the tape that Princess had heard something and then ran to the bushes. She never came out. She entered the bushes just twenty feet from where Dodger had found her fur and blood. The pet owner was saddened at their family member's passing but thankful for the closure as they had been combing the woods and had been unable to find anything... it took the dog team to tell Princess' story.

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