The coyote and fox are the most common predators we encounter in North America.

Coyotes range in size, weight and color

The coyote is the most common predator situation encountered in a missing pet crisis involving a predator. Very few animals survive the quick and effective attack of a coyote.


The fox is the second most likely predator to attack a pet. Some dogs are able to get away from a fox... most probably due to the foxes smaller size.


Coyotes eventually bring their prey to a familiar spot to finish consuming it. Some times we find these places along the trail when the scent detection dogs are following a  deceased  pet being carried by a coyote.



It is common for a coyote to lure a dog into the bushes by moving  the bushes or making noise to get a dog to enter their hunting domain.

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Coyotes may bring their prey to a familiar location to consume it.