The dog that is missing due to CONFUSION, ILLNESS or  PAIN
Case Study: Schindler

A  very simple and standard surgery...

Schindler wsa known to have a low tolerance for pain.

Schindler exhibited the following behaviour profile and characteristics:
  • Schindler was known to be a "big baby" ... sensitive to pain, noise and new situations
  • His family considered him "high strung"
  • He was extremely frightened when they brought him to the vet and had to be carried in
  • The anesthesia would have wore off in six or seven hours but his family needed to pick him up early so they could go to a family reunion
  • He had been allowed to play in the field next to the house
  • He had never escaped before

Schindler had just been neutered...
An open car door and the assumption that the groggy German Shepherd could not get out of the car lead to the disappearance of  this shy 10 month old shepherd that was missing for four days.
When Wendy pulled into the driveway, she looked back to see her newly neutered young friend asleep in the back seat. The big dog had barely moved on the trip home from the vet and she was unsure how she was going to get him in the house. After trying to rouse the sleepy dog, she decided to run in the house and get her husband to help carry him in. While in the house her young son, broke a glass and she hurried to clean it up before the children got into the glass and were injured. It took only two minutes to pick up the big chunks of glass and then run to get her husband. A minute later they were at the car,  the back door still open...  Schindler was gone.
Wendy did not remember leaving the car door open but she  must have because the dog was gone. At first, like many people she felt someone had stolen him but when she called me and we went over the probability of someone being able to see the dog in the car and then carrying the seventy pound dog away, she admitted that this was not likely. Most likely Schindler had crawled out of the car and slunk into the fields beside the house and then into the woods, groggy and confused by the medication and in pain from the surgery.
This does have a happy ending as Schindler was found about two miles away four days later. The huge community awareness campaign had the entire area on alert. It did not hurt that the dog belonged to a sheriff;  the awareness was heightened by this factor. Schindler was confused when he crawled out of the car and it is likely he wandered for a  while before laying down to sleep  it off. When he woke up in pain from the sutures he remained confused with little understanding of how he  got to where he was. On the fourth day he was seen drinking water near a park and the family was able to get to him and wait while he made the decision to approach them. Covered in ticks but fine other wise... it was a hard lesson learned by his guilt ridden owners.

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