Canine Profile


  • Any pet can become trapped but curious dogs are the most likely to end up in this situation.
  • Pet that is curious and an explorer type and likes to explore new places and things.
  • May go through an open door or into a small or dark opening to check it out or hide.
  • A skittish or xenophobic pet might pursue a hiding place in fright and become trapped.
  • Any animal that readily hides when frightened is also a candidate.
  • Dogs that regularly travel or have the opportunity to roam near mines, sump holes, drainage ditches abandoned buildings, wrecking and junk yards.
  • Dog went missing with rope or leash attached
  • Long haired dog unfamiliar with outdoor activities or territory is missing in an area with briers, brambles or thorny vines

Leads, Characteristics & Sightings

  • Dogs with outdoor access regularly goes out of his routine of returning home.
  • NO sightings other than maybe the first day.
  • Neighbors or nearby business had doors open or work was being done on day of disappearance.
  • Someone moving or cleaning out garage, basement, shed on day of disappearance.
  • Even a neighbor that went to mow a lawn and dog went in shed and got locked in.
  • For businesses, the most likely time a pet will become trapped is at closing time on a day the business is usually open.
  • Hunters have set game cameras and traps in the area.
  • Increase in rain has created thick underbrush, brambles or briars.

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