Intentionally Displaced Canine Profile


Any pet can meet with this tragic situation but the most likely pet is one that someone feels is causing a disturbance or causing them a problem.
  • Dogs that bark a lot or jump at the fence when some one walks by.
  • Outdoor dogs that regularly roam or go into the yards of others.
  • Situation where a family member or close friend does not like the pet or feels it should not be at the residence.
  • Dogs that someone may feel are a danger to the neighborhood. This is common feeling with Pitbulls and Rottweiler's.
  • Dogs or that get out frequently, the escape artist.
  • A pet that someone may feel is being neglected or mistreated by its owner or someone in the area. (Whether real or not)
  • An unusual number of missing pets recently in the area
  •  Areas where there are homeowners that are particular about their landscaping, garden or lawns
  • Location where there is an aggressive child with a suspected history of cruelty. (This is the rarest of situations but there is a definite profile for these adolescents and teenagers).
  • Witnesses may report rumor or knowledge of neighbor with a humane trap or threatening to "do something about that dog"
  • Revenge can also be in this category but differs from the stolen pet in that the pet is not removed from its property but is in a public place or on some else's property.

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