Leads, Characteristics & Sightings


The following leads and sightings may be in evidence:

  • There are no sightings in the local area.
  • Pets that disappear when weather is warm and car windows are down.
  • There is a train station nearby with open freight cars.
  • Neighbors are moving and moving vans doors are left open and unattended.
  • Construction, or repairman's vehicle, school bus or other service vehicles parked in the area with the doors open.
  • Neighbors are going on vacation and leave doors to van, trailer, camper, trailer, boat open.
  • Possibly may have sightings farther away and owner may discount because pet could not have traveled that far on their own.
  • Upon questioning, witness alerts pet owner to service vehicles in area.
  • Rumor or sightings of pet jumping out of a vehicle.
  • Someone calls from a distance away and explains that "this dog just showed up here"
  • Service or construction personnel report dog was hanging around their truck

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