Accidental Transport
 Case Study... Ricky
Ricky went everywhere with his people.. even waiting in the car at a restaurant.

Ricky was transported when the car he was riding  in was stolen.

The accidental transport of a dog is very rare but when it does happen it is usually because like Ricky, the dog was in a car waiting for his family to return. In the interim, a thief comes upon the car and steals it... most likely unaware that the dog is in the car. Such was the case of Ricky, a small Maltese mix.

I will tell you now that Ricky was never found and that sadly this is the case for most of the dogs that end up in this situation. I do not believe Ricky or other dogs in his situation are ever injured or harmed in any way only that they maybe transported a distance away. When a car is involved that can be quite a drive. Add to that... the perpetrator of the stolen vehicle does not want to help or in any way implicate themselves in the crime.

Ricky was in his crate in the back seat of the family Mercedes waiting for his family to return from a restaurant. Interested only in Ricky's return the family focused all their efforts on the return of the dog and not their car. Ricky's crate and leash were found in an alley about six miles away. There was allot of public assistance in this case and the sightings both valid and invalid were many. It is believed that Ricky was turned loose somewhere near where his crate was found but I never confirmed this as we did not work on site with this case. The men who stole the car were found and arrested but the only information they gave was that they turned the dog loose when they realized he was in car. The location was never ascertained as their story changed several times and there was no benefit to them if they told the truth... there was no lesser punishment offered for the truth so they had no motivation and were most likely told by their attorneys not to participate unless they were awarded a lesser sentence or a deal was made. This did not happen as this was just a dog to the legal system. 

The search went on for several months and I consulted on it several times but did not go out with the K9 team. Had I went out, we would have scanned the homes of the thieves and their neighborhood, the area where the crate was found as well as the area where Ricky was taken from in case they really did open the door and let him out right away as the thieves said they did. Inexperienced handlers and new pet detectives volunteered their services and they did not have the experience to handle such a case. The evidence went no where and Ricky was never found.

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