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About Private Investigator Karin TarQwyn

The NINE SCENARIOS... when a dog goes missing.    

Just as in a missing person case, the search and investigation for a  missing dog is also based on profiling by scenario and situation. There are Nine Scenarios under which dogs go missing. Profiling a missing dog case to arrive at the most likely scenario includes identifying the behavioural characteristics of the lost dog and comparing that information to to the missing event, location and terrain to arrive at the most likely scenario the subject dog is experiencing.

Each missing dog situation must be analyzed on an individual basis. When a dog goes missing, an educated, consistent and effective strategy based on the most likely scenario must be employed as quickly as possible.

To the left are links to The Nine Scenarios for Missing Dogs. You will find other information in the links below to assist you in your search.


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When a missing Dog is Confident, Courageous, Calm, Curious and Trusting of Strangers,(C4T)  it is possible that...

your dog has been RECOVERED by a CITIZEN

When your missing Dog is Shy, Timid, Aloof, Reserved or Skittish,(STARS)  it is possible that...

your missing Dog is ROAMING at LARGE

When a dog disappears with no visible evidence of escape or there is evidence of foul play, it is possible that 

the missing dog is experiencing a STOLEN DOG scenario.

When a dog goes missing and there are high risk and dangerous elements in the area, it is possible that 

the Dog MET With an ACCIDENT

When a dog goes missing without a trace and there are sheds, open garages, wells, mines, etc. in the area

This dog may be experiencing ACCIDENTAL ENTRAPMENT

When there was construction trucks, moving vans or other vehicles with open doors or windows in the area when the dog went missing.


When a dog goes missing in an area where there is open space access, woods, fields, wildlife preserves and/or predators are known to frequent within a mile of the location

One must consider THE PREDATOR THREAT

When a dog goes missing and there is reason to believe that animal control or an individual known or unknown may have removed the dog intentionally from the area.

It is important to consider that the dog may have been INTENTIONALY DISPLACED

If a dog went missing and appeared to be sick, in pain or confused due to illness, crisis, surgery or medication...

It is probable that the dog is CIP - Missing due to CONFUSION, ILLNESS OR PAIN

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A Missing Dog is an Emergency and WE can Help... Call 888-569-5775