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The Dog that meets with a Predator

Coyotes are now located in most of North America.

For years this was a crisis that happened only to those who lived in the country or wilderness. That is not so anymore. As a society we have continued to develop excessive amounts of wilderness area thus taking away the food sources of the animals and predators that live in these areas.
Coyotes are now found all over the country and they no longer can restrict themselves to the country and wilderness areas. Almost without exception, if we find that a pet has met its demise with a coyote, we will find some major development or dirt work has been done or is being done within a half mile of the incident. The coyote's primary food sources are moles, ground squirrels, rabbits, seeds and berries. Tear up the ground and put in shopping centers and houses, coupled with less rain in an area than normal and you have predators that need to move out into a new area to hunt. New subdivisions, country estates and homes along greenbelts and open spaces continue to be prime targets for predators 

Other predators occasionally involved in choosing pets as prey are bobcats, foxes, mountain lions, bear and the fisher cat.
Note: It is usually impossible for a pet owner to determine if their pet has met with a predator on their own. There is generally no evidential remains present and the coyote is a silent stalker. For this reason I strongly encourage pet owners to continue their search for their dog unless their is absolute evidence that this scenario has occurred. In 90% of our cases it will take the K9 tracking team to confirm a predator situation.


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