Since 2005, Private Investigator Karin TarQwyn
has assisted over 2,000 pet owners in the search and recovery of their missing dogs...
she can help you too.



 If you would like Karin to personally review your missing dog's case, please complete the form below and submit it.
You will have the option of a complimentary case review or a comprehensive case study by phone which can be paid for through credit, debit or PayPal.

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Individuals who purchase Karin's book "How to Find a Lost Dog - The Pet Owner's Guide" are elgible for a Free preliminary case review.
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Should you decide to work with Karin, by submitting this form you are giving consent for Karin TarQwyn and Lost Pet Professionals to post information about your missing dog, including your phone number, on Facebook and other  social media and Internet web sites.
I would like to request a comprehensive case study by phone. I understand  there is a $95.00 per hour charge for a  compehensive case study.
Click on the submit button and this form will be emailed to Karin. Once your information is received,  a preliminary case review will be done and an email  summary response will be sent to you unless you requested a comprehensive case study by phone.