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The dog that is   RECOVERED by CITIZEN

The dog that experiences a recovery by a citizen is usually off it's property and is on a public street or in a public area. The dog has been discovered by a citizen who makes the decision to recover the animal for safety and return or other less altruistic reasons. It is important to note that any dog off it's owner's property, (yard, home or vehicle), is considered stray. When a dog in this situation is found by a citizen, it is legally considered to be a citizen rescue of a stray dog as opposed to a stolen dog. Stolen dogs are removed forcibly from their owner's property. It is important to remember this distinction as you pursue your search.

The majority of citizen recoveries are SAMARITAN RESCUESwith the rescuers intent being to find the animal's rightful owner. In some circumstances, a recovery of this type can result in a FINDERS KEEPERS or RESCUER RE-HOME situation.  This happens much less than most imagine. In other circumstances, certain dogs maybe RECOVERED FOR REWARD and retained with the individual's intent being to collect the reward. SEIZED FOR RESALEis a situation where the dog is seized from the street with the intent being to sell the dog. This is unfortunately, happening more and more with designer dogs and pocket pups and is considered to be a nationwide problem.

Quick and concise action is critical to get these dogs back regardless the situation outlined above.

Spike was found by a student and brought 6 hours away

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Profile, Leads, Sightings & Characteristics

Samaritan Rescue

Finders Keepers

Seized for Resale

Recovered and Held for Reward

Priscilla was found and HELD for REWARD