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When a Shy Dog goes Missing...

Recovering The STARS Dog...     

Shy, Timid, Aloof, Reserved or Skittish

This is the classic behaviour profile  experienced by dogs that:

  • have been adopted from shelters or rescues
  • have been found stray
  • are  puppy mill survivors
  • are genetically predisposed from birth to shy, skittish behavour
  • and the most likely... the situation is a  combination of two or more of the above characteristics.

 Regardless the escape event or situation, when a Shy, Timid, Aloof, Reserved, or Skittish (STARS) dog escapes or goes missing, immediate and decisive action needs to be implemented to recover the frightened dog who is now facing the world alone. Dogs with this tendency may have escaped and then end up on the roam... consciously avoiding detection and interface with humans.

 With the proper techniques and consistent effort, homecomings are regularly celebrated. If your dog meets the above personality profile or background, please take immediate and decisive action .

The recovery of these dogs is a process with a precise formula:


  1. Locate the dog
  2. Attract the dog
  3. Capture the dog 


 Sometimes the entire  process happens within minutes; sometimes each step can take days or weeks. Regardless, when searching for your Shy and Roaming dog keep these simple steps in mind as you develop your search strategy.

Please click here for a sample case study 




Chihuahuas are typical STARS dogs





Huskies and husky crosses are STARS dogs once they are at large.


Many dogs in the herding group are STARS dogs.